Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach

I’m Here to Help You Align with Your Deepest Truth

You deserve to live and lead authentically from a place that honours your deepest truth and who you are becoming.

I can show you how.

Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach

Hello Beautiful Warrior

My name is Karlyn Derdrey Percil-Mercieca. I mostly go by Karlyn Percil.

Before becoming a CEO that partners with Fortune 500 organizations in North America. Before taking the stage in front of large crowds. Before being a guest on Oprah’s LifeClass,  OWN TV and CityLine. Before launching The Success System, SisterTalk Circles, and finding collaborative love… 

… I was living in a cage of fear that lay on a foundation of self-doubt. 

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, bullying, depression and anxiety - I lived in a dark place for most of my life. Too ashamed to face my past, I ignored the elephant in the room. I blamed myself for not being able to push through or “get my life together” whatever that meant. The more I ignored it, the more it kept creeping up on me. And, the more I proved the paradox, “What you resist, persists.” Each time I persisted my story, I fell back into a cycle of shame, blame, fear and self-doubt that set off a pattern of behaviours that stopped me from moving forward. 

When I finally had the confidence to face my Elephant Story, I shared it with one of my virtual mentors, Oprah Winfrey. Sharing my story wasn't easy, I had to ride the wave of emotions - the joys as well as the pain - and work through each one. It wasn’t easy. It definitely was messy. At times, it felt like a battle. 

I stuck with it and through consistent practice, my inner work unleashed my inner warrior. A Beautiful Warrior that is helping me live out loud and bring my boldest, biggest, wildest dreams to life.


My big, bold dreams for you 

You are not an imposter. You deserve to take up space. To live and love out loud. You are worthy to play big, to thrive and to pursue your deepest dreams and desires. You are worthy of living your life on purpose.

As a Certified Emotional Intelligence & Neuro-Life Coach, I’m here to empower you to LEAD - to live and engage authentically daily. 

Through my research-backed courses and workshops, the support of our SisterTalk Circles and community, and empowered by our transformation tools like The Success Planner, I help you bet on you and play bigger in life, in love, at work and everywhere in between.

You were chosen for the life you are living. Your pain, your path, your past - it’s all been designed to serve you. To power you to do exactly what you were destined to do, to be more, to love more, and to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Deep down, you know this. You know that you are destined for greatness. 

You, Beautiful Warrior, are ready for more. Let me guide you in rediscovering who you are and let me help you dream bigger into your purpose. 

One in a Million

Are you ready to step fully into your confidence so you can live your truest, boldest, most meaningful life? Then, join me and our growing community of #1MillionImpact - our goal to help 1 million women step fully and authentically into their power to create a better future for everyone.

Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach

“She Is Saint Lucia”

Karlyn has been recognized by the Saint Lucia government and tourism board.

The island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean is the only sovereign nation in the world to be named after a woman. Moving the needle forward and celebrating International Women’s Day in 2021, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) is amplifying the “She is Saint Lucia” campaign, in a continued effort to celebrate and spotlight women of Saint Lucian heritage around the world. Karlyn is honoured to have been selected as one of Saint Lucia’s Women Leaders.

Learn more about Saint Lucia’s IWD campaign here.

Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach

Book Karlyn to Speak

Karlyn to speak on topics related to Gender and Racial Equity, Intersectional Leadership, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and how to create culturally safe workplace culture, through Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence, The Important of Social Emotional Learning, Microaggressions, and Allyship.


Advancing Intersectional Gender Equity

Karlyn Percil is the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group. By partnering with Fortune 500 organizations across North America, Karlyn challenges unsafe workplaces and cultures that negatively impact the lives of women, especially historically marginalized Black, Indigenous and self-identifying women of colour. In doing so, she is working to make workplaces safe, and create environments where women feel a sense of belonging and are enabled to optimize their purpose and potential.