Dream Bigger into Your Purpose


Don't Let Imposter Moments
Hold You Back From Your Dreams

Is self-doubt a constant companion? Are imposter syndrome moments keeping you from realizing your biggest dreams and desires? Maybe shame is getting in the way of moments of courageous action? Or maybe it's something entirely different.

Discovering what's getting in the way of your success is the first step to dreaming bigger into your purpose.


Now's the Time to
Break the Cycle

Patriarchal systems and societal norms have controlled women for way too long. They’ve shaped how we show up, how we define ourselves, the stories we tell and have also influenced how big or how little we dream. Now’s the time to break the cycle and build back a better, bolder world - one where you and I, and so many others can not just survive, but live with intention.

We can do this by following a new cycle, think of this as a guidepost or a mini roadmap, that will power you to dream bigger into your purpose and your legacy.

Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach

Your Path to Dreaming Bigger
Into Your Purpose

You’re ready to fully commit to becoming the woman of your dreams. She doesn't play small. She's powerful and fully committed to her dreams and her legacy. I'm here to help you gain the clarity, confidence and courage to live, love and lead boldly in all areas of your life.



Imposter Moments Quiz 

Clarity will light your path to personal discovery

Your journey begins with clarifying the systems, norms, expectations and stories that hold you back. This 5-minute quiz will help you understand your imposter moments so you can better learn how to overcome them.  




Elephant Stories Course

8-week course to crystallize your boldest, truest self

This course will allow you to embody the divine feminine within, unleash your inner warrior, deepen the art of intimacy with the woman you are becoming, as you bravely face the truths of your past, carving a bold, purposeful pathway towards your higher self. It's time to dream bigger into your purpose.




Authentically You

A community space where you can be brave with your heart and your art

This 3-month, in-depth and supportive leadership training program builds on the Elephant Stories course. It was carefully designed to deepen your transformative journey and unlock your most brilliant gifts. You’ll learn how to facilitate and lead a SisterTalk Circle. You’ll build your confidence as a mentor and coach. You’ll dive deeper into the frameworks guiding our work. You’ll also learn to cultivate courage in yourself and others.

Karlyn Percil Success Planner

Commit to Your Transformation

Life-affirming, legacy change requires continuous practice. Your purpose, when lived fully, requires courage and bravery. As your inner warrior emerges you’ll need to nourish her with inspiring ideas, positive rituals and focused intentions.


  Manifest your deeper desires

  Improve your overall well-being

  Honour your productivity flow

  Live with intention

  Make a bigger impact


beautiful warriors
are saying...

"...has helped me restructure my life in so many ways."

“I feel like a kid in a candy store. The planner has helped me restructure my life in so many ways. Last year one of my main goals was to shed 20lbs and this planner helped me stay focused, I’m so excited to receive it and write out all my goals for 2021.”

~ St. Lucian Warrior

"It helps when we can learn from those we trust..."

Thank you for writing such an informative guide... so many of us - myself included - need to take responsibility for educating ourselves. AND, it also helps when we can learn from those we trust, who are patient and willing to allow us to learn, and to listen. Some of my biggest takeaways: Be ready to listen, to take individual responsibility, and to do the work for a year (at least... and not only this week or this month!) It may be uncomfortable, but we can't be afraid to address the elephant in the "race" room. Thank you.

~ Carol Schulte

I unleashed my inner warrior. Now, I want to help you to unleash yours.

I am not an imposter (neither are you). I am a bold, brilliant, powerful, beautiful warrior. I am a descendant of Kings and Queens. I didn’t get here quietly. The very essence of my existence is radical. My ancestors fought for and paved a magical pathway for me.  I deserve to take up space, to dream big and to leave behind a legacy that will make me and my ancestors proud. 

I didn’t always feel confident saying these words. Society’s definition of who I am as a Black woman fueled my self-doubt, kept me locked in a cycle of fear and shame. That cycle kept me playing small, but it didn’t fully quiet my truth - that  inner knowing (you know what I am talking about). Deep within, I knew I was destined to do more, to be more, to live more and to dream bigger into the vision I was given for my life.

When I received the full clarity on my WHY, I reframed my relationship with shame, owned my elephant story, reclaimed my wholeness, ignited my self-love practice and boldly unleashed my inner warrior. I have since dreamed and achieved goals bigger and bolder than I ever imagined, and today I’m living a messy, beautiful, purpose-filled life.

A life I was destined to live. A life that I am always in awe of. 

As a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Life Coach, I’m ready to help you discover and unlock inner warrior. This is where your deepest powers lie and it serves as a reminder of what’s always been true: you are worthy of your dreams and your desires. 

Now’s the time for you to become who you are destined to be: Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. Powerful.

Karlyn Percil Transformational Coach


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