Starting the day with the right mindset is key. As reminded by  Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.” I’ve been using affirmations for quite some time to program my mind for success and to shape my reality and vision for my life. If you haven’t started using affirmations – start now. Here’s why.

Affirmations are simply phrases or words said with confidence. These phrases, no matter how simple or frivolous they may seem have the power to change your life. They are a great way to stay focused on your intention for the month ahead and your overall goals for the year.

An affirmation can change your attitude, energy and confidence as it has the ability to program your mind into believing what was said. This is mainly because the mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is fantasy. Saying this affirmation below has created a shift in my mindset and my belief and confidence in myself and my dreams.


One of my everyday affirmations is:

I AM Worthy of my dreams & my desires.


Everything in your subconscious is a reflection of what you truly believe about yourself and your life.  Affirmations when repeated daily with conviction and passion can be automatically programmed to your subconscious. Once your subconscious records it,  it drives your choices and decisions every day.  This is an effective way to leverage the power of your brain – once you program it – it becomes a habit. Affirmations are used by Oprah, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma and more. Below are the affirmations I have lived, breathed and repeated daily for the first half of the year during my journey to entrepreneurship.

Make your affirmations more powerful by:

Habit stacking is a great way to make new habits stick.  Saying your affirmations out loud when brushing your teeth,  doing your make-up or during your shower is a great way to make your affirmations stick.  Strengthen the frequency by looking at yourself in the mirror as you repeat the positive statement. Remember to use conviction and passion and also add movement as well while repeating it.  (see brain hack below)

Brain Hack #102: When we exercise right after we learn, the learning is embedded in our long-term memory faster. Want a stronger memory? Exercise.

Here are my affirmations for the 1st half of the year, as written in my Success Planner. These affirmations were inspired by my need to pause and be open to the Universe – to allow less of me and more of what is.


I surrender to your will. Use me, Lord.



Everything and everyone is working on my behalf.



Where do you want me to go; What do you want me to do; Show me what to say and to whom.



The flood gates of my divine supply are now open.



My opportunities are increasing daily. I AM surrounded by love, abundance and great energy.



I AM loved & supported.


The Success Planner has been described as the productivity tool for the ambitious, power-hungry woman who believes in the power of holistic success – she makes time for her mental & emotional wellness and scores high on her social capital. You can be productive, live in possibility, stay positive and transform your life with the tools available in the Success Planner. You can learn more about the “soul-driven action-based planner”,  for the ambitious women who would like to play bigger in life and in love here.

What affirmations do you move to stay focused on your journey to success?

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