Beat workplace stress, cultivate a healthier brain & mind, discredit the Imposter Syndrome complex and live a more meaningful life by following the success principles in the Success Planner.

Toronto, ON: December 6th,2018 – Neuro-success Coach & Mentor Karlyn Percil introduces her unique 2018 Success Planner designed to help you master your thoughts and emotions, increase productivity, possibility and positive emotions whilst keeping you accountable towards a better you in 365 days.

Karlyn’s 2018 Success Planner is the only planner inspired by the famous Oxygen Mask Theory which encourages women to put themselves on their To-Do List. From its 32 Suggestions for Self-Care to the Thrive Wellness Centre, the Success Planner revolves around the concept of creating a new definition of success where making yourself a priority comes first so that you can have more energy and focus on things that matter the most.


“I know firsthand the impact of workplace stress on one’s well-being, relationship and productivity. Success leaves clues and we’ve deconstructed the proven success principles followed by the most successful people of the world, and placed it in this Success Planner enabling you to find your happy at work, stride confidently with purpose & intention towards your dreams. Beat the silly excuses, procrastination, self-doubt and all other distractions that prevent you from turning your resolutions to reality. Our 2018 Success Planner will help you to be a part of the 8% of people who actually achieve their goals.” stated Karlyn Percil


This success planner, designed with the science of well-being and happiness in mind, will prompt women to set intentions around positive emotions, carving out time for meaningful relationships, discrediting the imposter syndrome complex by noting and celebrating one’s achievements and leveraging the power of chunking by setting weekly, monthly & daily goals with opportunities to reflect and check in – a success ritual followed by some of the most successful people in the world including Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington, Robin Sharma, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and more.

“Your planner has truly helped me with staying consistent, digging deeper, to really demand more of me. Your Planner is inner work with deliberate actions and movement. It is an awesome tool!” – Success Planner User

The new 2018 Success Planner is not your regular to-do list, in fact, it’s uniquely designed to-

  • Condition the mind to reach clarity on life and priorities
  • Train the brain to be more positive which will lead to 3x more creativity & increased productivity
  • Enhance focus to ensure better utilization of time
  • Cultivate a healthier brain & mind by tacking key habits like sleep, water, breathing & mindful minute meditation


Karlyn offers Leadership Pathways to Success a neuro-based leadership program (workshop) based on the principles in the Success Planner. This workshop is designed to help teams use their brains better to increase productivity, communicate more effectively with the emotional brain in mind, manage stress, activate their innovation DNA and increase collaboration. Email shop@karlynpercil.com to request our Info Package and to book a session for your team in 2018!


About Karlyn Percil

Karlyn Percil is a Neuro- Success Coach, Elephant Storyteller & Lifestyle Speaker. A former Bay Street leader, who worked in the Technology and Operations field for over 23 years, Karlyn has battled workplace stress, anxiety, depression, and more and now passionately helps her clients transform their lives and find their happy at work using the power of neuroscience, emotional intelligence & positive psychology – best practices she has outlined in her life planner, called the Success Planner. Karlyn’s mission is to better the mindset and brain of 100 million women – empowering them to live their best life now! Karlyn has appeared on Oprah’s Lifeclass, named as one of the top 150 Black Women To Watch In Canada and is a guest expert on Cityline. More on work via www.karlynpercil.com

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