Authentically You Leadership Program

Own your personal power and inspire women to unleash their inner warrior


“I’ve designed the Authentically You Leadership Program to be a transformative journey for women who know deep down they are meant for something more.” 

Karlyn Percil

You’re ready to step fully into your purpose if you…

...have fallen down the rabbit hole of self-discovery and self-love, and you’re ready to go deeper

...know how brilliantly powerful it feels to be able to live authentically in your truth and want others to experience it, too. book after book to deepen your knowledge and personal practice and still want to learn more

...are already having authentic, empowering conversations with other women and supporting them through imposter syndrome moments

...hear your inner warrior calling you to build a legacy by helping other women find their inner power

If any (or all) of this sounds familiar, you are a beautiful warrior. We invite you to join our #1MillionImpact mission to help other women unleash their inner warrior.


Authentically You
Leadership Program 

This 3-month, in-depth and supportive leadership training program builds on the Elephant Stories course. It was carefully designed to deepen your transformative journey and unlock your most brilliant gifts. You’ll learn how to facilitate and lead a SisterTalk Circle. You’ll build your confidence as a mentor and coach. You’ll dive deeper into the frameworks guiding our work.

You’ll also learn to cultivate courage in yourself and others.


What you’ll get with the
Authentically You Leadership Program


A comprehensive guide with 70+ pages filled with course materials for 13 leadership modules and reflective activities to deepen your practice. You’ll also receive exclusive videos recorded to lead you through key topics in the learning modules. 



An instructional, step-by-step guide to help you structure and run your Circle with ease. The guide includes meeting agendas, rules of engagement, common questions, and more.



Meet with Karlyn on Zoom or phone, to review materials, ask questions and discuss program details. 



Connect with other SisterTalk Circle Leaders and Ambassadors who are ready to support and guide you as you work through the program.



Access the wisdom of our founding members. These Beautiful Warriors are amazing, accomplished women who have created personal and professional lives full of passion and purpose.

Empowering Women to Cultivate Courage

“I help to educate and empower women to cultivate their courage through faith, to overcome adversities so they can live the lives they desire. Sharing my journey of healing with women worldwide, giving them the permission to heal themselves.”

Makini Smith
Certified Circle Leader

Inspire Transformational Change
in the Women You Lead

The Sacred Gift of Receiving

“SisterTalk gave me: Permission to receive! Heart-felt advice, congratulations on the heels of success, energetic healing, amazing opportunities – anything, everything. Our community is about giving and sharing but also offers us each the scared gift of receiving with plenty of reminders to do so.” 

Tamika Auwai

My Sisters Give Me Strength

“SisterTalk gave me: Community. Sister Talk has brought community and connection into my life in a way that I have not experienced it before. My sisters give me strength. When one sister shines, we all shine.”

Komal Bhasin

A Quiet Transformation

“My “AHA! moment came when I realized the quiet transformation taking place. No one recognized the new self-loving, open, carefree person I had become. When you begin to embrace who you are, flaws and all, and flaunt ‘her’ proudly, you empower others to also walk in their truth. That, and the vulnerability celebration that would follow, is the SisterTalk “magic”.”

Danielle Smith 

A Legacy to Inspire Your Journey 

In 2015, I received the following email from Janett Jackson: 

“Hello Karlyn,

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and early stages of Lupus and it’s been a very painful, emotional and expensive past few months. BUT, my exposure to you, your elephant stories and 21 days of self-love in addition to God helped me through.

In the past three weeks, I used a lot of the stuff I learnt from 21 days of Self-Love to help two young ladies and two young men. I literally helped talk both young men out of suicide and encouraged them to get professional help. I introduced them all to your website.

I just wanted you to know how much you continue to shine through me and the positive and lasting impact you continue to have in my life and the lives of others who I come in contact with. I want to re-commit to finishing the SisterTalk leadership course to start a circle right here in Kingston, Jamaica.

Thanks again for making me feel moved to pursue the things I need to, in order to live my purpose and the life I deserve. I know I am behind and need to pick up and get cracking. I’m so glad I took the time to read the emails.”

I received that email in October 2015. Janett passed away the next month. I cried when I read it. I was also racked with guilt because she sent another email asking for help to write her love story - one of the assignments in The Authentically You Leadership Course. 

I didn’t get to reply. Janett didn’t get to finish the program. But, even in her too-short life, she made an incredible impact on the young women and men in her life. 

A Soulful, Transformative Journey is Waiting for You

This program will build your skills as a facilitator and leader. It will also deepen your discovery of self. Here are some examples of the soulful exercises awaiting you:


Tap into your authentic power by making a daily and conscious commitment to you and a responsibility to love yourself financially, spiritually, and physically – in every single aspect of your life.


Shape who you are and who you’d like to become by telling your story with intention and pride. Rewrite, edit or close a Chapter based on your terms.


Replace negative self-talk with loving affirmations that keep your internal bank full of positive deposits (thoughts).

If you’re ready to inspire deep personal transformation in other women all the while dreaming bigger into your purpose.